Friday, January 2, 2015


First 'n' foremost, happy 2015! It's January 2nd, I'm listening to old-school Beyoncé (as in 2003; can you believe Crazy in Love was 12 years ago?), and looking back at the highs and lows of 2014 while trying to come up with viable resolutions for the new year. For starters, I want to keep up this damn blog! As a visual diary of my journey as a human being, as cheesy as that sounds. So from this moment forth, think of this as my personal scrapbook-cum-diary, which I'll haphazardly throw together and then toss out into the abyss that is the Internet, hoping it lands on someone's doorstep and brings a smile to their face.

Sappy and probably out-of-reach goals said, let's get into the 20ish days I spent in the UK this December! I was invited for an interview at Oxford University in England, and so my family and I thought we'd take the opportunity to go visit all the universities I applied to in the UK and see some friends scattered about the country.
the view from up top - two ways

Monday, July 7, 2014


Taking a page from Rumi Neely's book and jotting down some thoughts about my travelz before they melt into one large mess of food and fun in my mind, although this will be less "fashion photo diary" and more "tourist explosion with few pictures and many words". Jesus Christ, France - Where do I even start with you crazy amazing country?

Saturday, June 14, 2014


We've risen from the dead yet again to show you how we dress for summer! Following our last post (winter) was spring, during which was finals and so all we wore were completely unbloggable sweatpants and Uggs. (Just kidding. Maya's last nightmare consisted of her at a concert searching for her friends and then looking down to discover she was clad in fluffy - and infuriatingly comfy - calf-high Uggs, which she took pretty well. 'Pretty well' meaning she screamed and ran out of the venue with tear-streaked cheeks and tattered street cred in the punk scene.)

These smiles are because SUMMER is here! Maxine's summer plans involve a French exchange trip, during which she will probably die because of her utter lack of skill in that area; a trip to London with her mum, during which she will probably go bankrupt because Topshop; a trip to the East Coast during which she will probably burst into tears because prestigious colleges are a thing; and an internship at an entomology lab at UC Davis during which she will totally save the state of California $500,000,000.

Maya's summer kicks off with working with Acme Theatre Company to create a play for the children of migrant farmers, which will mean majorly playing kids into thinking she has acting ability and the authority to instruct them in making this happen. She'll also have to clean up her Spanish to catch the lil kiddos when they're calling her a major nerd (bi-daily occurrence), which is good prep for her Europe trip to Barcelona and Paris. After demolishing her wallet and fermenting in art museums for 2 weeks, Maya will be hauling her newly-stuffed suitcase to CA State Summer School for the Arts (CSSSA) where she'll spend 4 weeks trying to step up her game from finger painting and connect-the-dot drawing books.

Camila also did CSSSA last year. Camila is also a part of the migrant theatre project. Camila also wore clothes. We don't know what. Camila couldn't come.

Shirt: Tommy Bahama via Ebay
Shorts: American Apparel via Maxine
Shoes: Adidas via lost and found 9th grade locker room

Lip liner: Dior via Maya's mum's stash

Sunglasses: Urban Outfitters
Overalls: No Boundaries via Maya
Sports bra: Target
Frat boy flip-flops: Rainbow
Crazy fitness watch: Basis

Gnarly nail polish: Urban Outfitters x Maxine's inability to stay still and wait for polish to dry

We'll leave you with this shot of us as some people we knew passed by, as well as a cover of Tame Impala from the ever-so-talented and ever-so-absent Camila. Have a stellar summer, and thanks for stopping by!